Singapore, a cluster of 63 islands, but not many of them are aware of this. Most tourist get fascinated by the bling of the city, elevated buildings, the night life, posh hotels & wrap up their tour in 4-5 days.
Yes, most of the touristy attraction are on the main island of Singapore, but there’s more of it to be seen.
In this post, I will be suggesting you few destinations that you can probably hop on from Singapore for more excitement.

We always go an extra mile to explore the world. Singapore is not only a “weekend destination” but much more can be expected from this big smoke. Jolting down my years of experience & listing countries / cities that you could try combining with Singapore.


One of the islands of Singapore located in the north-east. This is little away from the hustle bustle of Singapore city. Famous for cycling & wetlands. You can plan a day excursion or stay overnight.

Pulau Ubin on the North East of main Island of Singapore.

Commute by : Ferry
Board from : Changi Point Ferry Terminal
Approx time to reach : 10-15 mins
Explore : Full day

#TravelLikeAPro This island is a little slow paced compared to the city. So calm down & be relaxed.


Kusu Island aka Tortoise Island. An island famous for its pilgrim with the abundance of nature. To reach here you will have to take a ferry which takes approx 1 hr to reach Kusu Island. This goes via St. John Island.

Kusu Island on the map.
Kusu Island. Credits : sgclub

Commute by : Ferry
Board from : Marina South pier
Approx time to reach : 1 hr
Explore : Full day

#TravelLikeAPro Reservation of ferry tickets are not mandatory on Weekdays. Carry drinking water bottle & some snacks as many eatery options are not available.


If you want to escape from your daily routine & enjoy quality time with your family or friends this is the best place to be. This can be easily combined with Singapore due to the good frequency of connecting flights. The good news is, their currency is weaker than Indian Rupees… So ladies shop till you drop.

Staying in Villa is a must if you visiting here, be it a beach facing villa or facing paddy fields. Take full advantage of the weaker currency as villa’s in rest of the places would burn a hole in your pocket.

Astana Kunti Private Pool Villa in Seminyak, Bali

Country : Indonesia
Commute by : Flight
Board from : Changi International airport
Approx time to reach : 3 hrs
Explore : 3-4 days
Visa : Visa on arrival for Indians.


An island not as famous as Bali, but serene than Bali. Towards west of Bali , Lombok embraces Indonesia’s 2nd highest volcano, Gunung Rinjani. Trek on Mt. Rinjani, has easy to difficult level for trekking. Please check the operational schedule of Mt. Rinjani here.
Lombok will give you some good insta- worthy pics.

Datu Swing of Hotel Ombak Sunset, Gili Trawangan

Country : Indonesia
Commute by : Flight, Bus + Ferry
Board from : Changi International airport. Shuttle buses runs from Ubud, Kuta & Sanur region of Bali.
Approx time to reach : 4 hrs
Explore : 3-4 days
Visa : Visa on arrival for Indians.

#TravelLikeAPro The best suggested location to stay in Lombok is Senggigi Beach. The Gili Islands, 3 tiny dots on the map, are a must do while staying in Lombok. Its only 30 mins away from Lombok.


1 more island of Indonesia which is only 1 hour away from the mainland Singapore. It is known for its resorts stretched along the long coastline. Motorized and non-motorized water sports activities can be availed at the beach.

This is how you reach Bintan. Batam to its West.

Country : Indonesia
Commute by : Ferry
Board from : Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal
Approx time to reach : 1 hr
Explore : 3 days
Visa : Visa on arrival for Indians.

#TravelLikeAPro Immigration procedure while entering & exiting Singapore will take place. Visa for Indonesia will be done on arrival into Bintan. Return tickets should be booked, preferably from Singapore.


Travelling to Malaysia is super fun. You can travel by air or by road or by train. Air & train travel needs prior booking. Standard Immigration procedure will take place at the border immigration if travelling by train or bus. Along with the chair car you also have an option for sleeping coach if booking an overnight train.

Commute by : Air, Road, Rail
Board from : Changi International airport, Singapore Woodlands ( for train)
Approx time to reach : 6-7 hrs
Explore : Min of 3 days
Visa : Visa should be obtained before departing from India.

#TravelLikeAPro Carry some snacks & water before boarding the train as there is less or no option available on the station.


Floating luxury hotels. It has everything within it. Sail with amenities like Casino, restaurants, entertainment, swimming pool, gym, etc. along with comfortable rooms, delicious food.

Super Star Gemini Cruise

There are many cruise company sailing in & out of Singapore. Naming a few are Star CruisesRoyal CarribeanCosta cruises etc. Check with the cruise company for their departure dates & duration of the cruise. Some cruises may have “Dinner with the Captain” for which you need to dressed formally.

Board from : Harbour front Ferry Terminal
Explore : 2 – 5 days
Visa : Check the itinerary. If it’s multi country visit you need to procure the visa before hand. For cruise, Singapore visa should be “multiple entry”

#TravelLikeAPro Check the countries you are hopping by cruise, as the visa needs to be processed before hand. Excursion to the port’s are mostly not included in the cost.

Help your family, friends, colleagues to plan their tour in a better way by sharing this post. Your suggestion/ feedback are always welcome.

P.S. These are only suggestions based on the connectivity from Singapore. Please check the layover time while travelling to these cities/ countries before confirming your flight.

If you have any queries for planning your holiday, please leave a comment or email me, I will try my best to give you the best suggestion.


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