1, 825 km from Mumbai. 1311mts of altitude . There is nirvana for the people staying in big smoke, “Ukhimath” – Rudraprayag district, Uttarakhand.

My long break of 6 months was put to an end with a great beginning of hiking trip. Initially, I was little skeptical to opt this, as I am not a trekker ( another factor being Money, Honey ????). But thrilling things always lure me, result being my successful (1st, to be precise ) trek to Deorital.

Our journey was 

Mumbai ➡ New Delhi ➡Haridwar ➡ Ukhimath

Mumbai ➡ New Delhi ➡Haridwar was our break journey by Train
Haridwar➡ Ukhimath was a Bus journey

Distance: Haridwar to Ukhimath : 204kms. 
Nearest Access to Ukhimath
Hrishikesh is the nearest Railway station: 1 8 0 kms
Dehradun is the nearest Airport ✈ : 2 2 1 kms

Braking our journey of 12kms of winding roads from Ukhimath, we started to walk from a small, neat & clean cobbled pathway. We kept walking through this pathway which was located in Sari village. Yellow mustard flowers made the village looked brighter.

Sari Village is not the start of Deorital, but if you want to get a good feel of Ghadwal village, nothing can better than this. There is an uphill walk which takes you to the entrance of Deoriatal trek through Sari.

Of all 3 days, this hike gave a big smile on my face, as I was able to interact with local’s & capture good landscape.

As we moved further, we came across many TANG trees. These look like oranges, but taste’s sour like a lemon. Every other home had a Tang tree planted. The scenario was so eye soothing, Green tree with spots of orange color & was perfect for my DSLR.

You must have heard of Open air theater & might have experienced it as well. But have you seen an open air School with your bare eyes (Common am not talking that are shown in the movies.) It’s a unique experience altogether.

School in Uttarakhand
School in Uttarakhand
School in Uttarakhand
School in Uttarakhand

#TravelLikeAPro There are 2 options; either you start from the base of Sari village & reach to the entrance of Deorital. Other reason being, driving straight to the entrance of the trek.

The second half of the journey was from the jungle. Even though it was a jungle it had a proper pathway to walk.

Entry gate of Deoriatal
Entry gate of Deorital
Camping near the deoriatal lake
Camping near the deorital lake
Camping near the deoriatal lake
Camping near the deorital lake
View from the Deoriatal  Lake
View from the Deorital Lake

Travel Tips for Deorital

  1. Carry a sweater or a jacket with you. Cool breeze is on and off at Deorital.
  2.  Walking shoes is a must.
  3.  Drink ample of water & keep yourself hydrated.
  4. Carry little snacks with you. Eg. Chesse, roasted peanuts, chickpeas (chana), energy bars etc.
  5.  Porter’s can be hired.
  6.  Nail down a tent near to the lake. Stay overnight.
  7.  Charge your battery or carry a spare one.

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