Mumbai, the money market & a Tinseltown. To match the velocity of this fast pace city, we hardly get any time for a break. In such a scenario, many consider strolling in the mall for refreshment.
Here’s a list of 15 places that you can opt for, to rejuvenate yourself from the hustle bustle of the city life. Be it relaxing under the chikoo trees or just admiring the chirping of myriad birds.

If you are a resident of Mumbai you can commence a day trip to these places, without taking any additional leave from work. If you are on a short trip to Mumbai & have seen enough of metro life, then this extended segment of Mumbai is what you should consider.

Here goes the list.

1. Ovlekar wadi butterfly garden

Mostly open on a Sunday from morning 8 am to 12.30 pm, this botanical garden is run by a family in Thane’s Ghodbunder road. Best suggested for kids to gather knowledge. They provide essential information about the species of butterflies along with flora & fauna in their vicinity. Not at all a bad deal for Sunday outing!!

Distance from Mumbai
: approx  36 km
Contact number:  09820779729
Best time to visit: year around
How to reach: It’s on the famous Ghodbunder road.

2. Karnala bird sanctuary

A sanctuary which is within the reach of Mumbai city. Located in Panvel, Karnala is famous for hikers, photographers & bird watchers. While exploring, remember, you respect nature & not spoil them. It might be a matter of a day for us, but it is the home to many other creatures.

Distance from Mumbai: approx  52 km
Best time to visit: Winters for a trek.
How to reach:  From Panvel railway station gets into an autorickshaw going towards Pen. Its 12 km away from the railway station.

#TravelLikeAPro: It is home to many species of butterflies. Adorn them.

3. Tungareshwar

Another wildlife Sanctuary near Mumbai which lies in the north of Sanjay Gandhi National park. Home to mammals & many species of birds will leave a photographer to experiment with their skills. Trekking 3 km uphill takes you to the famous Shiv temple which is believed to be more than a century old. A good place for rejuvenating yourself.

Distance from Mumbai: approx  60 km
Best time to visit: Winters for bird watching & photography. Monsoon is best for trekking.
How to reach: Taking public transport from Vasai is optimal, which is at a distance of approx 45 mins from the station.

#TravelLikeAPro: Carry mosquito repellent.

4. Kondeshwar waterfall

Awaken those nostalgic picnics. Pack your tiffins & head out for a luncheon in the countryside. Kondeshwar is best for a family getaway. Alongside, the temple of Shiv is quaint & half-pint waterfall. Dip into the pool of water from the waterfall. Best time to visit here is the rainy season as you can find many mini waterfalls while approaching the temple.

Distance from Mumbai: approx  65 km
Best time to visit: Winter & Rainy season.
How to reach: On the Central line disembark at Badlapur & commence the rest of the journey by road.

5. Adlabs Imagica

The most famed park in India. Their major attraction is the theme park & the water park. To boost your fun, they also have Snow Park, Eyellusion, House of stars & Glowmagica ( & maybe many more to come…). To access the supplementary parks, booking of either Theme park or Water park is a mandate. Don’t forget to check out their website for different offers.

Distance from Mumbai: approx  72 km
Contact number: (22) 42130405
Best time to visit: All around the year.
How to reach: Book transport service to & fro from your doorstep along with your tickets. Alternatively, you can reach Khopoli by train & get sharing auto to Imagica Park.

#TravelLikeAPro: If 1 day is not sufficient or you are planning to explore near-by places, then book yourself at Novotel Imagica.

6. ND studios: Film studio

This famous film studios built by Nitin Desai in Karjat is jaw-dropping. You will be swiftly taken from the elegance of the Mughal era to the dusty countryside houses situated beside the lake. Don’t miss the thumkas at the Bollywood show.
Check here to know more about N.D. Studios

Distance from Mumbai: approx  72 km
Contact number:  1800 266 55 99
Best time to visit: Year around
How to reach: The nearest station is Karjat from where you get shared auto to the Studios. If opting for your own vehicle then take NH 48.

#TravelLikeAPro: Avail the benefit of the electric vehicle to move around the different sets.

7. Arnala Fort

Most of the Mumbaikars will be aware of this fort set in suburbs of Mumbai. Know the history of this island fort, as it was passed from the Portuguese to Marathas to the British. A fort which is trekkable for beginners & the best place for a day picnic.

Distance from Mumbai: approx  76 km
Best time to visit:  Winters & Summers
How to reach: From Virar (which is the nearest railway station), Fort is 10 km away. You can hire a rickshaw till the beach. From the beach, there are regular ferries to the fort.

8. Durshet forest trails

An early train to Khopoli & hopping into a shared rickshaw will drift you in the lap of nature. Get on a break with nature in durshet forest lodge with adequate adventure sports. You can make a day visit or rest their over the weekend. Whether travelling with friends or family or only as a couple, you can choose to stay from dormitory rooms to lavish tents.

Distance from Mumbai: approx  81 km
Contact number:  080808 05902
Best time to visit: All around the year.
How to reach: On the central railway line Khopoli station is one of the last stops. Frequency of Khopoli train is after every 2 hrs, hence missing this train would be a strict No-no. From station hire an auto to drop you to the destination.

9. Saguna baug

Did you ever ride a buffalo?? Not yet!!! Head on to Saguna Baug for a trip to the farm.
This is will be fun for people who have never experienced how village life is. This agro-tourism farm, with full-fledged adventure activities, will take your enthusiasm to a different level.

Distance from Mumbai: approx  84 km
Contact number: 9370702932
Best time to visit: Year around
How to reach: Exit from Neral station towards East & get pick up & drop off for your group from Saguna Baug. Else you can also hire an auto to reach this place.

#TravelLikeAPro: Plan a stay on overwater villa.

10. Della Adventures

Mecca of adventure sports. Name the adventure you fear & you will find it in Della. With more than 50 adventure activities, be ready to challenge your fright.  Based near Lonavala, any adrenaline junkie would hop in here to satisfy their passion. They have day passes with a combination of different sports.

Distance from Mumbai: approx  87 km
Contact number:1800 30007440
Best time to visit: Year around
How to reach:  Board any express train which halts at Lonavala. The park is just 6 km away from the station which can be easily covered by auto rickshaw.
Della adventures is situated on Mumbai- Pune expressway, hence you can drive down or hire a taxi or take a public transport.

11. Cave excursions along with paragliding

Need some quiet & less crowded caves than Elephanta, Mahakali & Kanheri ??? Then leave for Karla, Bhaja & Bedse caves near Lonavala. Dated back in the 2nd century, these depict Buddhist influence. Clubbing wax museum of Lonavla & paragliding in Kamshet will turn out to be a mixed bag of the fun packed tour.

Distance from Mumbai: approx  108 km
Best time to visit: Year around
How to reach: The nearest station to Bhaja caves is Malavali. You can walk all the way to the caves or even get a shared rickshaw. Climb approx 150 steps to view the caves.
Karla caves, based in Karli village is 12 km away from Lonavla by road. Hire a rickshaw or hop into the bus to reach here.
Kamshet is 18 km away from Malavli.

12. Mandwa

Mandwa- The doorway to Alibaug beach in a jiffy. Mandwa, perse, also has some good water sports activities along with surfing & learning some basic sailing. Travelling by ferry to Mandwa is a matter of an hour from Gateway of India & the best alternative to road travel of 4-5 hrs from Mumbai.
Even Uber has launched its ferry services since Jan 2019. Check-out their app.

Distance from Mumbai: approx  110 km
Best time to visit:  year around
How to reach:  Hop on into the ferry disembarking from the gateway of India.

13. Jawahar

This hill station in Palghar district is a mixed bag of sightseeing. Stroll like a royal at Jaivilas palace. Go to the waterfall for good vibes. Visit the monument of the 3rd century, Shirpamal, located on the tallest mountain of the vicinity for a breathtaking view of the city.

Distance from Mumbai: approx  138 km
Best time to visit: year around
How to reach: Jawhar is conveniently accessible from Central & Western railhead. Even though it is situated in Palghar district it is near to Igatpuri railway station ( approx 61 km) & Dahanu is approx 65 km away.

14. Winery tour in Nashik

Trip to vineyards have become a status quo these days & Mumbai is fortunate to have accessibility to the finest vineyards in the country. Most of them situated in & around Nashik. Vallonne Vineyards is the nearest to Mumbai, followed by Zampa Vineyards (Valle De Vin), Soma Vineyards, York Vineyards & Chandon India Winery.

Distance from Mumbai: approx  160 km
Best time to visit:  year around

#TravelLikeAPro: Consider Fratelli Vineyards located in Akluj, if you want to skip Nashik. The distance from Mumbai 325 km (approx).

15. Morachi Chincholi

Yet another agro-tourism park surrounded by tamarind trees &  blessed with numerous peacocks, hence the name Morachi Chincholi ( Mor- peacock & chincholi- tamarind tree). A MTDC approved tourist spot just  190 km away from Mumbai will give you some serious village goals.

Distance from Mumbai: approx  190 km
Contact number: 08890033226
Best time to visit:  year around

#TravelLikeAPro:  Visit during winter for “Hurda Party”. Hurda- is the fresh jowar, which is roasted on the coal with some chutney or jaggery. Hurda party is celebrated when the jowar crop ripes, hence visiting in the winter is suggested.

Some of you might have heard about a few of these places, some might have not. But I am sure, hoping to a new place, that too without applying for additional leave, will inspire you to travel.

Did you find this blog post helpful? If so, whom could share it with?

The centre point is considered to be Dadar, hence the distances mentioned for all above locations are approximate.

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