Namaskar! 🙏🙏 . I am Trupti, a gaonwala who married a pavwala & a typical MumbaiKAR, for whom train “travelling” is a mandate. 😜 

Since the time I was 4, my mother & father took me places. My father being a Railway employee, we are spoilt by the choices to travel avidly.  These early age wanderings gave me a fathomless interest to travel & be a part of Tourism industry. Though an Ex travel-consultant I still find solace in exploiting & searching pristine places, dreamy hotels, antique resorts & forming new itineraries.

All this goes hand in hand with my hobby of Photography.
Playing with the aperture got more interesting & tootling around I discern Landscape photography was my forte; followed by Micro & Portrait. 

Reaping  & collating all the snaps & stories of my jaunting, I recount the tales through my blog.  Along with my musings, the sound knowledge & prowess of Travel Industry is a feather on my cap.

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